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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Personal Election Rant, The Fabulous RAYS!!! and Taking it off together Tuesdays # 18 & #19

I've been out for a while as working at a news station during an election period is horrendous. Why? Because after our normal days work we must offer up something called "Free Time" to political candidates, regardless of party affiliation to say whatever they want in regards to their platform/bid for whatever office they are running for provided it is not deemed obsene or offensive by FCC guidlines. I believe we are allowing approximately one minute and fifteen seconds of free air time to all local and federal candidates in our viewing area should they decide to take it. One candidate for some office I've never heard of that isn't in my voting district anyway, but is in some district of our viewing area has had the audacity to not show for this "Free Time" not once but TWICE. Let me tell you, when you are at the end of your work day and you just have one more appointment or meeting or whatever that requires the participation and promptness of another human being and they don't show resulting in making your work day longer than necessary not once but TWICE...let's just say if this candidate was somebody I could vote for I would vote for whomever was running against this candidate, because this candidate has no consideration for others...even those getting nothing out of helping them except, of course, a longer work day than necessary. Was there and apology either time...uh no. That says it all!

On a lighter note: I am so totally stoked about the RAYS being in the World Series! My family and I have been to several games over the years. Big Stuff and Little Bit have both been to SEVERAL. They've meet players, and have various versions of The RAYS logos from over the years. My hubby still has his hat from the Inagural Season. We will, however, be watching the Series from the comfort and safety of our home for several reasons...the least of which is the Trop is Sold Out for Games 1 and 2 (mind you we went to a game back in September and even though they were the best in the American League at that time you couldn't give tickets away...tonight you'd practically have to sell you 1st Born to get them, be that as it may I'm excited for the RAYS and I can't wait for it to start in a few hours!

Now for the Wednesday edition of Taking it off Together Tuesdays #18 and #19

For #18

Original Starting weight: 264.4 lbs.

Last week's weight: 211.2 lbs.

This week's weight: 210.4 lbs.

Weight lost this week: 0.8 lbs.

Total lost since October 8, 2007: 54 lbs.

Now for this week's update for myself and the group:

Starting weight: 264.4 lbs.

Last week's weight: 210.4 lbs.

This week's weight: 210.8 lbs.

Weight gained this week: 0.4 lbs.

Total lost since October 8, 2007: 53.6 lbs.

And now the group.... not a good week, but they do happen:

This week our contest is sponsored by Tammy! She is offering a copy of Superfoods for the prize for this week! If you'd like to sponser a prize, let me know! We are currently out of prizes!


The names of this week's "losers" were dropped into a coffee cup and this week's WINNER is Chris!

Congrats to Clara for being this week's biggest loser of pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!

Chris - 1 LOSS
Tammy - 1.5 GAIN
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - No Change
Grace - 0.4 GAIN
Leigh - No Change
Clara - 1.5 LOSS
Julie - 0.8 LOSS
Cheryl - no report
Audrey - 2.2 GAIN
Christy - 0.2 LOSS
Tina - 2.0 GAIN
Danielle - no report
Jessie - no report
Steph - no report
CYN - no report
This week's total - 2.6 GAIN! EGAD!


eternal flux said...

How rude!! I'd not vote for them either!

ciara said...

not a bad gain...keep up the great work :)

Julie said...

Not bad for a gain. I am sure it's just fluctuating. I am doing that a lot lately. I sent out your cook book today! Sorry it took so long ... I am not always the most organized person in the world.

B Boys Mom said...

First off VERY rude of this person. Don't you wish you could tell more how they don't care so no one would vote for them.

Second Go Rays!!!! As of today they are tied with 1 win each. We are starting over. I really would love to see the Rays win too.

Third not a big gain so no problem for you to give rid of it. Your total loss is great.