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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't you love when "real life" gets in the way?

I realize that it has been, literally, months since I posted ANYTHING on this blog. I missed everyone terribly, but life, while challenging, has caused me to actually want to "live it" again. After all the gloom that was last year, and no not all of that is gone we are still experiencing challenges EVERYDAY, I decided that life is too short not too actually do something with it. My family and I have spent more time together and less time on electronics, and that's a plus. I have new friends that care about me. My family attends a great church that, actually CARES about it's members and their families and the struggles that they face. While all this is great it's made for me needing to reorganize how I've been doing things, and sadly I have let some things slack as of late, but I am presently trying to rectify those things like this blog and the wonderful support group I found here. I apologize for being gone so long! My exercise and weight loss have been sporadic so I am beginning that adventure all over again, thankfully, I haven't regained all that I lost, but I've gained back more than I should have for certain. The good news? All of these things I've let fall by the wayside can be fixed and I am hopeful as I restart this adventure.