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Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm dealing with a boat-load of mommy guilt today & I've HAD IT with all the posts about Summer being over...aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I am grouchy and irritable because I made a mistake am missing a milestone in my child's life and all of this is coinciding with reading some posts that irritate me on my good days. I am a fan of teachers and respect the job they do. Following I just had to get off my chest to move on with my day.

I'm missing my daughter's first day of kindergarten because I FORGOT to request the day off, because I've been worried about various thing regarding employment for those I deeply care about all summer long (and still a little now). I'm in a really grouchy mood and feeling really stupid for not remembering to request the day off.

While I'm feeling guilty about missing this milestone due to working, I've come across several friends on Facebook who are all teachers. Now in their defense and before I start my rant, they do have a very tough job, and they put up with a lot of things I can't even imagine, nor do I want to imagine, when it comes to dealing with the parents of the children who attend their classes. I do, however, find it highly amusing that it's only the teachers who have never done anything other than teach that consistently have posted things for the past few weeks like: "I'm so sad to see summer go." "Wow! I've got to get use to these early morning hours again!" "So sorry that I don't have a few more weeks of summer left, but it's back to "real life" on Monday." Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!! Do they not realize that the rest of the working world only gets 2 weeks vacation & 6 holidays as a norm??? Do they not realize that "real life" consists of not being off all summer???

Anyway, this all made me angry because A) I'm already feeling sorry for myself, and B)in spite of what people think about those of us who work in television, we make less than most people think. I, in fact, after working in TV for over 13 years make less than most of my teacher friends who've worked less than 10 years.

Keep in mind that because I work in television the following is true about my life: I work every holiday unless I've requested a particular holiday off. I then wait to find out if that holiday is approved off. If it's not, then I work it anyway and am paid holiday pay. I've worked at this particular station long enough that I do, fortunately, receive 3 weeks of vacation per year (in 3 and 1/2 years I'll get 4 weeks unless something changes with the policy). If there's a hurricane I don't see my family. I don't evacuate the state. In fact I begin living at the station to make sure that I don't miss my 12 hours shift during said hurricane coverage, AND did I mention that I get up a 3am (soon to be 2:30am) on my normal regular work days so people can watch the news before they go off to their "early morning" jobs. Yeah, hearing the constant stream these of these posts for the past few weeks has just set me off a little...sorry.

I deeply respect & admire all of my teacher friends, and in NO WAY want to belittle what they do. I just would like them to realize what back to the "real world" really means to most people.

ANYWAY, none of this changes the fact that I screwed up and I'm missing a milestone that I will never get the chance to see again. Which is what made me touchy to the posts in the first place. At least my hubby took pictures for me.

Moving on now...