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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taking it off together

I've been A LOT behind since vacation. This was not a good week for the group as a whole...just be warned!

My Stats:

Beginning Weight: 264.4 lbs
Last week's weight: 211.6 lbs.
This week's weight: 216.2 lbs

Weight GAINED this week: 4.6 lbs.

Total Loss thus far: 48.2 lbs.

I did not eat well this week, nor did I exercise like I should have; however, the strange part is that I LOST 3% body fat this week. If I'd been exercising heavily I'd say that was muscle gain, but since I wasn't...who knows.

Unfortunately this week we do not have a prize.
Hopefully we can get something in the works for next time. This week's Biggest
Loser is Tammy with a loss of 1.0 pounds. Please stop by and congratulate

Here are the results for this week:

Chris - 0.4 LOSS
Tammy - 1.0 LOSS
Ciara - No Change
Grace - 4.6 GAIN
Leigh - No Change
Clara - 0.6 GAIN
Julie - 0.2 LOSS
Cheryl - No Report
Audrey - 1.0 GAIN
Christy - 2.6 GAIN
Tina - No Report
Danielle - No Report
Jessie - No Report
Steph - No Report
CYN - 1.0 GAIN

This week's total: 8.2 GAIN
Yikes! I think that's the highest we've had since we started. I do believe that a lot has to do with holiday time. This is the time that the average weight a person gains is SEVEN pounds.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Taking it off together Tuesdays....I know it's Friday...sorry

I'm getting ready for a much need vacation with my family so I apologize for my delay in posting this.

I will not be on line all next week but plan to return on the 17th.

Here's the groups results:

Congrats to Clara for being this week's biggest loser of pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!

Chris - 4 GAIN
Tammy - 0.5 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - no report
Grace - 0.2 LOSS
Clara - 2.6 LOSS
Julie - 1.2 LOSS
Cheryl - no report
Audrey - no report
Christy - 2.2 LOSS
Tina - no report
Danielle - no change
Jessie - no report
Steph - no report
CYN - no change

This week's total - 2.7 LOSS

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

There's a delay on the Weight Loss Post today

Due to circumstances beyond our control...the Taking it off Together Tuesdays will most likely be posted tomorrow.