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Friday, February 29, 2008

Interesting Easter Facts . . . How 'bout that!

This is something my mom emailed me the other for those wondering "WHY EASTER IS SOOOOOOO EARLY THIS YEAR" here's your answer.

Easter is special every year, but this year there's even one more reason for celebration. This is pretty neat.

Easter this year is: Sunday March 23, 2008. As you may know, Easter is always the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox (which is March 20). This dating of Easter is based on the lunar calendar that Hebrew people used to identify Passover, which is why it moves around on our Roman calendar.

Found out a couple of things you might be interested in! Based on the above, Easter can actually be one day earlier (March 22) but that is pretty rare.

This year is the earliest Easter any of us will ever see the rest of our lives! Only the most elderly of our population have ever seen it this early (95 years old or above!). And none of us have ever, or will ever, see it a day earlier!

Here are the facts:
The next time Easter will be this early (March 23) will be the year 2228 (220 years from now). The last time it was this early was 1913 (so if you're 95 or older, you are the only ones that were around for that!). The next time it will be a day earlier, March 22, will be in the year 2285 (277 years from now). The last time it was on March 22 was 1818. So, no one alive today has or will ever see it any earlier than this year!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A public apology to my Hubby

Ok, I've got good news & bad news which really isn't bad news but that phrase always sounds good.

First the bad news:
I commented yesterday about what I thought I would end up coming home to with Hubby not feeling well and I'm big enough to say that I WAS 100% WRONG AND I'M SORRY! I came home and the kids were taking really good care of their daddy, and he was eating it up. I did get the Micky D's part right, but Hubby did get a hot bath and then he actually stayed in bed and rested, and he did not get upset with anyone so the kids were very helpful and all in all...the world went on spinning without so much as a blip on the radar.

And now the good news:
Hubby just had a really bad allergy attack and he is much better today! Yay!!!!

Thank you all for the well wishes!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hubby's sick...World comes to an end!

Now before I start getting hate mail from the guys out there: My hubby admits that he is a "bad sicky" (those are his words not mine!)

Anyway, like the rest of the United States, I suppose, the flu is going around down here, and thanks to the Flu vaccine focusing on the wrong strain this year (and NO I'm not saying not to get a flu shot...this is something that just happens from time to time) Hubby's entire office is coming down with OR is out with OR is fighting off the flu. Hubby seems to be falling into option 3, but by tomorrow who knows.

Hubby was suppose to drop his car off this morning for an oil change and then the dealership would drop him off at work and at lunch time I'd pick him up and take him to his car. We would then MAYBE grab lunch if there was time. However, Hubby overslept...I had to reschedule the car appointment...and then "little bit" woke up so since he was already late and she wanted DAAAADDY...he took her to daycare (see Hubby's a good guy...and does deserve kudos too) leaving me to get ready for work and getting "big stuff" off to school.

About 9am I get a text saying that he's fighting off a headache and he'd still like to have lunch. So, we set up to have lunch and around 12:30p he picks up lunch and brings it to my office (more kudos), but when I see him he looks like death warmed over!

Hubby: "Am I hot?"

Me: "You don't feel warm."

Hubby: "Ok"

We eat pretty much in silence...

Me: "If you were feeling so bad you didn't have to bring lunch..."

Hubby: "I thought getting out would make me feel better...I'm sorry"

Me: "For what?"

Hubby: "I'm a bad sicky"

Me: "When I get home tonight you go straight to bed...I've got everything under..."

Hubby: "I don't want to..."

Me: "You want to be sick for your birthday?"

Hubby: " is tradition (weak laugh)"

Me: "Just get some rest ok? I've got the kids. Don't worry about anything."

Hubby leaves to go back to work.

After being married for as long as we have I know how this will go. He'll push himself through the rest of his workday, then pick up "big stuff" and "little bit", maybe let them have Micky D's for dinner, get home and instead of resting he'll find some project to start or some game to play, and because he feels bad, by the time I get home one or both of the kids will be in time out and he'll be fumming about something that he normally wouldn't like spilled popcorn (another story for another time), and when I suggest that he go to bed and get some rest and let me take care of everything he'll storm off in a, albeit sick, huff and say "I'm not tired, but if it will make you feel better FINE!!!" 5 minutes later I'll hear snoring coming from the other room, but, no, he wasn't tired.

Tomorrow, provided he doesn't actually have the flu, he'll feel better and then apologize to the kids for being a "Grumpy Daddy" and I'll hear the "Sorry, you were right...I should have listened" speech. On the other hand if he does have the flu, he will stay home from work, go to the doctor, and then sleep until Monday, and will then wonder why the weekends "just FLY by". Meanwhile, I'll be exhausted from trying to keep everyone else in the house healthy and quiet...including myself!

Oh well, I just want him to feel better soon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some ASD article links

My friend over at MySpace sent these articles to me and I thought I'd share them with you.

Thin Bones Seen In Boys with Autism and ASD

Louisville Girl Raises Money For Autism Selling Bracelets

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Weighty update

Ok, if you read the below post then you know that I wasn't exactly thinking about watching what I eat all that closely this week was a gain...oh well it is what it is:

Starting Weight: 264.4 lbs.
New Weight: 225.6 lbs.
Weight gained this week: 1.4 lbs.
Total lost: 38.8 lbs

Thanks for keeping me honest, and I'll get back below that 40 mark next week I just know it!

I was feeling "Springy"

This past Friday, I was feeling a little "springy" so I changed my blog template. I hope you like it...I'm still trying to come up with a final look, but I haven't really decided on one yet.

My weekend was fantastic!!! On Friday there was the Michael Buble concert, and then on Saturday there was Jersey Boys THEN there was my brother's birthday party that night. (No it wasn't actually ON his birthday, but it was the only time we could all get together). My in-laws went with hubby and I to both the Buble Concert and Jersey Boys and then the in-laws went home and hubby the kids and I traveled for the birthday party...and then stayed over at my parents and went to church with them on while the kiddos were stuck with the babysitter for 2 days in a row (which let me tell you I almost felt "mommy guilt", except we haven't left them with a sitter in forever) they still had a blast, because they saw all their favorite people in on weekend which usually only happens on birthdays or holidays.

Well that was my crazy was yours?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How I save money

I was asked by a friend of mine to contribute to their blog on saving money and I told her I'd try (it was for her work, but no I wasn't paid for it). As they are my words and it was public blog I thought I repost:

Ok, I’ll admit it, I tend to use the internet for a lot of things these days...originally it was a way to pass the time, but then, a few years ago I noticed that I was actually saving money! Nothing astronomical, but still it was there.

529s and Upromise

We wanted to put money back for the kids future education so we looked into how we could save the money, and we decided on a College Savings Plan for them. A predetermined amount is automatically withdrawn from our account every month and contributed to their plans so we don't forget or put off contributing. We also signed up for Upromise and asked some friends and relatives to do so as well. For those not familiar with Upromise, you basically sign up for a free membership, register your debit, credit, and grocery cards with them and for the most part use them as you normally would and you get between 1% and 25% for things you do already like grocery shopping and eating in restaurants. I say for the most part because when you grocery shop you should push the “credit button” and use your debit card as a credit card to guarantee that get your contributions to your account, but other than that you just shop as usual. We then linked the 529 accounts and the Upromise account together and now every quarter our earnings from Upromise get deposited into the 529s automatically.

Shopping online

I do shop online. I do this mostly out of sheer laziness and the convenience of having things delivered right to me, but I also do it to save a little money. I do shop through the Upromise website to get the college contributions, but that’s not the only way I’ve saved money online. I’ve used online stores like where I can buy all sorts of items usually cheaper than in the store (even with shipping), and if I happen to have a big order then shipping is free.

Online Coupons

My online shopping has lead me to two other websites that have saved me money as well. One is and the other is both are sites that are free to join. At you check the coupons you want to “clip” and then print them and take them to the store to use and use them like you would any other coupon. At you buy a gift certificate from the participating restaurant at a discounted rate (for example: a $10 certificate to a certain restaurant can be purchased for $3), and then print out the certificate and then follow the guidelines for that certificate when you use it (for example: the $10 certificate at certain restaurants are only valid for lunch orders).

I’m saving a little money doing these things and maybe one of these can help you save money too.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The weighty update, and another milestone

I went to the doctor today:

Starting weight: 264.4 pounds
New weight: 224.2 pounds
Weight lost this week: 3.6 pounds

Total loss thus far: 40.2 pounds

YEA!!!! I crossed the 40 pound mark!!!! More importantly, my BMI is below 40 now!!! Thanks for keeping me honest!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I've added a weight loss ticker to my blog

In an effort to keep me honest (Not that ya'll don't, because ya'll do) I have added a daily reminder to myself what my weight is. As you can see, I've put it right at the top of my page for the world to see. God help me! I must be crazy!!!! But if it helps me that's all that matters...right???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I have really been busy these past few days, and really nothing is going on in my life that is interesting enough to write about...unless you're interested in the Potty Training and the "Sharing" that involves one of my children picking and inventor and an invention to share with their class. Let's just say that Google and Wikipedia have been a must have in our house these past few weeks.

Well, today is Valentine's Day and we've gotten the kids their got a new bathing suit for swimming and the other got a movie. My husband and I surprised me last weekend with a nice dinner (I know the chef) and a babysitter so we could have and entire night away from home to just be a couple again. Don't get me wrong...I love my children, but I think everyone needs time with there spouse from time to time to remember why you're together in the first place and to get to know the person they've become over the years. Cause, let's face it, I'm not the girl my husband married! Oh she's still in here, but she's evolved and changed as life has happened to her. I like that I'm not the same. I like that my husband isn't the same. AND we date each other so that we don't become just our children's parents. I don't's worked for my parents and it's worked for my husband's parents as well.

ANYWAY!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Weighty Update

I went to the doctor today:

Starting weight: 264.4 pounds
New weight: 227.8 pounds
Weight gained this week: 0.6 pounds

Total loss thus far: 36.6 pounds

Oh well, not a good week weight wise, but there's always next week's update. As always, Thanks for keeping me honest!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just wanted to give my opinion

I know that I keep writing about Seriesse, and I've been using some of the products for a little while now and I love them. So I thought that I'd take the time to share what I thought about the products I personally use. Ok, here goes:

On the Skincare and Makeup side of things I am using the A Essentials Line daily, the Glycolic Essentials & Mask Set (the 4oz. version) once a week and my face is softer than it has ever been! Even though the S.I. Color only launched on January 30th I have absolutely fallen in love with it as it doesn't weigh down my skin and I feel like I have no makeup on at all. I personally am using the The Neutrals Set - Minerale Light and it is really easy to use! Oh and I am constantly drinking more water because I keep putting our Essential Green Tea Water Amplifier drops in it...I won't say that's why I'm losing weigh, but the extra water never hurts when trying to lose weight!

On the S-Force side of things both my husband and I have been taking the Cholesterol Control twice a day. I'll keep you posted on our levels when we have our yearly blood work done later next month. Every morning I've been drinking Amla Rush Energizing Powder Mix; however, you should consult a physician before using this product if you are on any medication or have a caffeine sensitivity...I am not sensitive to caffeine, but it does get me up and going in the morning and I (personally) think it tastes like fruit punch.

I keep getting unsolicitated comments on how great my skin looks so it's been very easy to share this without being pushy. All in all I like the products I'm selling and I'm certain that I will do well in this venture.

If you've read this far, then thanks for letting me promote my business a little more, and you can always ask me questions (if you have any) here or at my website through the email there. Thanks again for listening/reading!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday (or the "weighty" update)

I went to the doctor yesterday and I got sooooo busy that I forgot to post this:

Starting weight: 264.4 pounds
New weight: 227.2 pounds
Weight loss this week: 1.4 pounds

Total loss thus far: 37.2 pounds

As always, Thanks for keeping me honest!

E is for Excellent!

I’ve been chosen for the Excellent Blogger Award by Leigh at Eternal Flux! Woo Hoo! She is my cousin and a great friend and I can't wait to see her again in June!

Now, I am supposed to name 10 other people…I’m not sure I can, so I will try my best.

1) Texas Medical Freak This blog is about all sorts of medical conditions and is a FANTASTIC resource for information without being too technical.

2) Menopause Princess Her blog is always a fun read and she is always insightful!

3) Grape Scott Do you want to learn about wine or join in a virtual wine tasting? This site is for you!

4) Saphrym I love this blog. He blogs about his weight loss journey (among other things) and he is always entertaining.

5) Plus Size Model Loses Weight She is the Saphrym female equivalent. Also very entertaining.

6) Not Just Mama Actually, ALL of her blogs are excellent, (but Pink Lemonade took one of her other ones.

7) Sweet Mummy She's a hoot! She blogs about everything in her life...trips, sewing, being a Pastor's Wife, unfrumpy pjs...

Yeah...I'm out of ideas...I'm NOT OFFICIALLY TAGGING Angelika but I am giving her the "E" award as well as she is a FANTASTIC read all the time, but I seem to tag her all the I'm giving her a break on this one.

Friday, February 1, 2008

An interesting site

Yet another big THANK YOU to Texas Medical Freak for filling me in on this.

Clipbook (aka DiggFreak)

Well, I have just found a brand new “Social Bookmarking” site called Clipbook. How does it work? It works a bit like StumbleUpon and Digg. At DiggFreak (Clickbook), you can earn FREE advertising and/or CA$H by bookmarking other DiffFreak members blogs and websites. Once you have (unless you already do) a StumbleUpon, Digg, or technorati accounts (and more to be added soon). Go to DiggFreak, sign up and start promoting your site through campaigns. Did I mention you can also make credits and $ through referrals? For each referral you bring to DiggFreak, you receive 5 credits! Just Click Here

I'd never thought about posting this before

Texas Medical Freak Linked to me because of my Five For Fighting post. My response to them made me realize that it would be a good post. So here goes:

As you already know, my son has Asperger's Syndrome and even that is mild, but he's been doing very well with a therapy called Relationship Development Intervention and we are able to upload our videos for our therapist (and share them with other parents if they are a good example of the assignment) through their membership only website

For those interested in checking it out or looking for a RDI therapist in your area check them out at